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It's Cool to Care!

Together is very concerned how the fashion industry has become the SECOND MOST POLLUTING INDUSTRY ON EARTH!  Yuck! Not very glamorous & chic of you fashion world.

Together's garments are intended to beautify the world. That's why we create feel good fashion that makes you look good & feel great about the environment & the people whose job it is to make your garment.

We believe good taste & style will change the world.

To prove our commitment to the environment and ethical treatment of the worker's in our supply chain, we have recently become a Public Benefit Corporation.  This next level of verification is meant to reflect our desire to use business as a force for good on the planet.

We choose to innovate with recycled materials, up cycling our scrap fabric, and using efficient water saving printing practices as well as utilizing biodegradable mail order packaging.  All products are created with the safest and most sustainable manufacturing techniques available without sacrificing style.  These methods are reflective of the thoughtfulness and positive change that our current cultural and physical climate demands.

Our custom milled Recycled (RPET), Bamboo Charcoal & Organic fabrics are all the most eco-friendly in their categories & our manufacturing processes strive to protect our earth.  Our fabrics carbon footprint & water usage is certified by third parties & have received ocean-friendly certifications as well.

Together has always insisted on providing high-quality garments that will last you many wears & washes and that can be styled up or down for the needs of your lifestyle.  We are part of the Buy Less, Choose Well mentality when it comes to shopping  for new clothes & wish to provide you a great value when you buy our products.

We believe in a triple bottom line in business.  This means that our business makes decisions based on three factors: the environment, society & finances, instead of merely quarterly profits.  The benefit corp framework allows us to continually evaluate & track our performance so that we may always become a more sustainable, ethical & transparent company.


But why ?

 -The fashion and apparel industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world! 

-Our textiles use 91% less water and create 75% less Carbon Footprint than leading brands.

-Every purchase you make with Together, you are actively taking a position to create jobs in the USA.